How to keep your password safe

The only person who should know your password is you.
Family, friends and relatives should never know your password so keep that information safe.

If you are playing in a public area, always make sure to logout when leaving.

When coming up with a password make sure to include some of the following tips to increase the safety of your password.

- Personal info like birthday, phone number, same as your nickname or ID, etc. can all be common for people to guess.
- Special characters, numbers, and both lower and upper case letters will help.

- Make sure that the computer that you are using is always up to date with all the latest updates installed along with any anti-virus tools used.

- Fake websites and emails are very common methods of stealing an account so think twice before clicking or logging into any website with your account information.

- If you have any suspicions on any email or site, send us a ticket here and we will let you know our official channels.

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