How do I sign up steam?

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I see that you wish to know how to join steam, I’ll help you with that that information. You can join Steam at Steam Official WebSite.All you should do is just Click on the below link so that it will help you in redirecting you the steam website

->In Steam official site, go to the upper right corner of the green and than 'install staem'
->Click the icon to install the program.
->When the steam program installation is completed, the 'Login screen' of the steam launcher appears.

If you already have an account on the login screen, than you can log in with an existing account, but if you do not have an account
You need to create an account for future services.
If you write your ID, password and e-mail in the registration process, your first subscription will be completed,
Steam will ask you to verify your email when you sign in with your newly created ID.

"Is this the current message you are using?"

Click "" Yes "" to go to the e-mail and access the account that received the confirmation e-mail. After you click the Verify mail link,Turn to the steam program and click the [Finish] button to complete the steam certification process.

Note: Steam can be registered without registration procedures such as resident registration number. "

Hope this information for helpful for you. We’re always available here to assist our Survivors, Please let us know if you’ve any other question or concerns so that I can assist you accordingly.

See you in Battle ground!

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